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Womack on NCGOP Simmons debacle…

Womack on NCGOP Simmons debacle…

For those attempting to understand the current chaos of the Whatley NCGOP and installation of his replacement, please read Jim Womack's explanation: 

Article VI.B.5.(a)i. of the State Plan of Organization reads: A vacancy in the office of State Chairman shall be filled by the next ranking Committee member until the State Executive Committee elects a successor. The order of rank shall be Vice-Chairman, Secretary. A meeting of the State Executive Committee shall be called within 60 days of the vacancy for the purpose of electing a State Chairman.

If Michael Whatley and the establishment wing of the NCGOP truly cared about the party and its unity, they would follow the spirit and intent of the State Plan.

Interestingly, Whatley is choosing March 26th to make his announcement- which is 61 days from the next scheduled ExCom meeting (Sunday of the State Convention). That is not a coincidence. By making his announcement on that day, the Acting Chairman (per the Plan- Susan Mills, the current Vice Chair) would necessarily need to call another ExCom meeting before Sunday of the annual state convention, May 24-26. Why not call the meeting on Thursday, May 23rd and save a ton of money and travel on the part of the ExCom? Or perhaps the morning of Friday, May 24th when MOST of the ExCom will already be headed to or attending the state convention? Or, why doesn’t Whatley elect to announce one day later (March 27th) so we can comply with the Plan by holding our election at the next scheduled ExCom meeting on March 26th?

Seriously, we ALL know why not. By orchestrating this installation, Whatley can name his successor, denying the ExCom the ability to conduct an election where “We the People” of the ExCom are free to elect the best leader for the NCGOP.

By sensibly delaying the vote until late May, prospective Chairman candidates would be able to formulate a campaign, attend some county conventions, and speak at all of the district conventions, making thier case to members of the ExCom. By calling for the election on March 26th, the leadership is essentially forcing a new Chairman down our throats. If instead, leadership delayed the election to late May, the party would avoid an unnecessary spring meeting, saving a significant amount of money and lost travel time.

Those of us who truly care about the NCGOP, who respect and revere grass roots (conservative) Republicans and their values, who truly seek to follow the rules of the party, decry this manipulation, These are the behaviors normally associated with morally corrupt leftists, not Patriotic conservatives. Shame on Michael Whatley and Jason Simmons for corrupting our rightful election process.

One final thought- I know the state party is struggling to motivate donors and to raise funds to operate through this election cycle. It is no secret we are presently surviving on RNC financial supplements, which could be at risk under its new leadership. (Of course, the NCGOP hasn’t passed a budget for two years, so party rank and file may not be aware just how meager our resources are.)

Given our financial constraints, how will Mr. Simmons adjust to the non-paying Chairman’s job? Is he ready to forfeit his hefty salary as Executive Director to be a pro bono Chairman? Or does he plan to take on both roles to keep the salary flowing? Surely, he doesn’t expect to retain his salary, hire a new paid ED, and jam yet another six figure salary into our unapproved budget. These are questions that deserve an explanation before conducting any future election.

Arrive early:   

7pm  NCGOP Executive Committee 

Election of NCGOP Chairman 

The Farm at Highway 95 

215 Batten Rd, Selma, NC 27576

We The People supporters  arriving by 6pm , supporting Jim Womack for NCGOP CHAIRMAN.  

( I believe 7pm is correct) 


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