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Will RNC Be Better Off With Whatley, or Not? NOT!

Updated: Apr 24

ATP Chair interviewed for the article.

... "Ms. Bilello, as fearless and feisty a person as I’ve ever met, has been railing against Whatley for years now: "Grassroots Patriots have been disenfranchised and cheated by the GOP under the likes of Whatley,"

She contnued, "The rigging of votes in past (Republican) conventions and anointing of establishment hacks adds to the hemorrhage of supporters and donations and to the swell of unaffiliated voters disgusted with the 'country club good ol’ boys.'

"Patriots will continue to flee a sham of a Party under Whatley that can’t even hold their own accountable to the Republican Party platform. America First!"

Bilello refers to the unaffiliated voters in North Carolina. ,,,"

Read the rest here.


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