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Time to talk about the elephant in the room

Updated: May 18, 2022

When you say, “the elephant in the room” it refers to an obvious or controversial problem that no one wants to talk about because they find it uncomfortable or awkward.
We have come to a point as the Swamp continues to drain ;we see those trying to hang onto power yet have no choice but to reinvent themselves into something more palatable to the American public. Enter the elephants in the room.

A week ago, I listened to Michelle Woodhouse, the GOP district chair, on Mark Starling’s morning show at 570 AM.

I thought this interview would be about Madison Cawthorn jumping ship out of our district into the thirteenth.

Instead, it turned out to be about this woman no one knows, Michelle Woodhouse, the new GOP 14th district chair. The question Starling wanted to know was if she was running for Cawthorn’s seat.

It gave anyone listening to this interview a feeling of Deja Vue; it reminded one of what happened in the congressional race in 2020 with Mark Meadows and Linda Bennett.

I looked this woman’s name up, “Michelle Woodhouse” I thought this couldn’t be her; she said she was 52; this woman looks at least 70.

I could not believe a woman who looked like a hooker would enter the 14th district Republican congressional seat race.

This woman Michelle Woodhouse has plenty of baggage. What the heck is going on with the Republican Party that they can’t vet this stench from the get-go?

The Republican Party of this district elected this idiot as the GOP District chair.

I was told by Republican operatives in Henderson County that there was no choice; the other candidates were worse.

How do you get worse than this below?

One look at her dress and her physique should tell you everything. She is 52 and looks 72, and dresses like Erin Brockovich, but she lacks the looks, the youth, and the brain.

Woodhouse claims to run a business called “Purple Door Aesthetics Strategic Consulting,” which in other words, she pushes botox and consults with firms to sell this botulism.

She and Nancy Pelosi would have a lot in common. So much on the Internet, it is popping up everywhere. She calls herself a vagina road warrior. Are you kidding me?

Warning folks, don’t Google vagina road warrior it comes up porn.
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