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Second Republican Only Primary Begins Thursday, April 25, 2024. Vote Jim O'Neill Lt Gov & Jack Clark NC Auditor

Updated: Jun 13

Second Republican Primary Begins Thursday, 4/25/24

Vote Jim O'Neill, Lt Governor

Vote Jack Clark, NC Auditor

Let's Get Them on the November 2024 Ballot!

North Carolina’s 2024 Second Primary on May 14th 2024

Early Voting Begins Thursday, April 25th.


Republican Only Primary


Vote These Proven Constitutional Conservatives


Who Can Vote:  All registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters who did not vote or voted the Republican ballot in the first primary would be eligible. Voter ID required. Early voting begins April 25th.  Vote early! Check your local BOE for early voting locations & times.


Jim O'Neill for Lt. Governor


Jack Clark for NC Auditor


Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not by any candidate or candidates’ committee.



WHY ARE WE SUPPORTING Jim O'Neill and Jack Clark

 Don't Be Fooled by Life Long Democrat Dave Boliek for NC Auditor. He's been a Democrat all of his life and switched parties to run for Auditor.

 Vote Jack Clark for NC Auditor, the only candidate with a CPA and a stellar conservative voting record.


Vote for Jim O'Neill for Lt Governor:  Jim has a proven record of 'doing' unlike his opponent who only has name recognition. We don't need a place holder.


As Lt. Governor, Jim will be tough on crime because he already is. We've got illegals, gangs, drugs and other nefarious characters invading NC. Jim fits perfectly with no nonsense Mark Robinson for Governor and Dan Bishop for AG. Michele Morrow, firebrand Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, needs a Lt Governor like Jim O'Neill to make sure the Parents' Bill of Rights law is enforced so districts like Buncombe comply (which they are not currently doing!) Jim is an experienced prosecutor who has spent the past 20 years locking up some of the most dangerous criminals, not letting them back onto the streets. As a prosecutor, Jim has learned the kind of support our law enforcement needs from government officials. Jim understands the daily challenges our law enforcement officials face and will ensure they have everything they need to keep our communities safe. In his last election for District Attorney, Jim’s Democrat opponent ran on bringing liberal, progressive justice practices to Forsyth County. Jim won his election and didn't allow the disastrous, pro-crime initiatives to come to Forsyth County, and as Lt. Governor, he won’t allow them to come to North Carolina.


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