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Re-Elec NC District 117 Representative Jake Johnson

Updated: May 18, 2022

Asheville Tea PAC endorses NC District 117 Representative Jake Johnson for re-election. Representative Johnson, without waiver, has demonstrated with his votes and sponsored bills in Raleigh, and with his hard work for his constituents, the principles and Judeo-Christian values we hold dear: the preservation of the inalienable rights and individual liberties, the sanctity of life, the upholding of our state and federal constitutions, the preservation of our competitive American economy and free and fair trade, the installation of spending constraints and election integrity.

Before his 2019 term in Raleigh, Jake Johnson cut his teeth as Chair and Vice Chair of the Polk County Commissioners where he improved infrastructure and lowered taxes and unemployment. This young man currently sits on the following committees where he has made a significant difference in legislation: Finance, Regulatory Reform, K-12 Education, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs, and Wildlife Resources Commission.

Rep Jake Johnson - Pro-Life, Pro-Business, Pro Voter ID and Pro-Veteran!

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