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Meet The Conservative Coalition of North Carolina

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

RALEIGH – When it comes to organizing, Democrats have historically had the edge in pointing the Left’s factions all toward advancing the same core agenda. The Democratic Machine has given them a mechanical advantage, even when their ideas and policy proposals are anathema to American liberty and prosperity. Yet, over the last decade or more, pure political frustration has motivated and refined conservative activism in order to effectively fight back in the political arena.

Organizing friendly forces to jointly combat the increasingly radical Left and advance founding American principles here in our state is the Conservative Coalition of North Carolina.

“The Conservative Coalition of North Carolina (CCNC) is a loose confederation of conservative activist groups committed to the values and principles enumerated by the Framers of our nation and state’s founding documents. Our purpose is to inform, collaborate, organize, resource, and synchronize the activities of our respective groups across North Carolina”

The mission of CCNC is to promote constitutionally sound, conservative governance and to elect strong conservative leaders at the local, state, and national levels. True to form, the entire effort is guided by a set of core principles:

1. Judeo-Christian Values/Family Values

2. Enduring State and Federal Constitutions.

3. Preservative of Inalienable Rights and Individual Liberties.

4. Rule of Law.

5. American Exceptionalism.

6. Sanctity of Life.

7. Unparalleled National Defense.

8. Secure Borders.

9. Free and Fair Trade.

10. Competitive American Economy.

11. Energy Independence.

12. Spending Constraints to Reduce National Debt.

These are principles as American as apple pie, and yet somehow they’ve been demonized by the Left in their effort to force more government control of our lives. American values have become something the Left apologizes for and seeks to tear down with sinister alacrity.

We’d venture to guess that most people celebrate and cherish these principles, and CCNC hopes to animate those people’s American spirit and motivate them to defend the principles of liberty at the polls.

The coalition is holding a ‘2020 Victory Dinner’ event on October 12 with national and local conservative headliners.

CCNC also has an email newsletter to disseminate information and take on fronts relevant to current political events. The ‘Red Action Alerts’ sound the alarm on state or federal legislation that deserves attention from conservative voters.

From the latest, with a call to action at the General Assembly Tuesday:

“Last week, we thanked Rep David Lewis Chair of the Rules Committee, for revising SB 683, Combat Absentee Ballot Fraud by effectively re-instating valid voter ID on absentee ballots by nixing the Floyd Amendment and making penalty for vote fraud a felony instead of a misdemeanors. SB683 is not on the agenda for Tuesday, 8/20 NC House Rules Committee. We were told that SB 683 would go to the Rules committee this week. However, SB 250 is on the agenda.“Today, the North Carolina State Legislature’s House Rules Committee will take up SB 250, short titled, “Records of Excusals for Jury Duty,” which will require Clerks of Court to share jury excusal and disqualification information with election officials when the jurors’ status would impact their qualification to vote.” We promised to send you a Red Action Alert of progress so you can call your legislators to urge them to get SB 683 out of Rules and to the House floor. If not on the agenda today, let’s get a commitment from Lewis to get it on the agenda later this week. DON’T LET THEM LEAVE RALEIGH without getting these two bills that protect our vote to a floor vote in the House and then the Senate. See left column and here for more information. Don’t leave this to someone else. Please don’t let them turn NC into CA! […]”

CCNC has also set up a tip-line of sorts for local action alerts to get oft overlooked, but vitally important local decisions the principled input they deserve.

In an age of #resistance and social justice warriors, it is incumbent upon conservatives to stand up for the principles that make up the American idea. CCNC is one of a growing number of ways to do that, if you’re interested in joining the coalition.


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