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ATPAC Mission and Conflict of Interest Statement

Asheville Tea PAC* and Asheville Tea PAC FEC** are two legal organizations that report to the North Carolina State Board of Elections quarterly.  Our PAC legally enables us to distribute information and to support candidates in North Carolina and nationally for Federal, state and local offices. 

The mission of the Asheville Tea PAC and Asheville Tea PAC FEC is to get candidates elected who adhere to and embrace our unwavering stand to uphold constitutional principles and values and to protect our inalienable rights.  ATPAC reasonably expects our Board members to adhere to the Mission by participating in the following:

  • Attend Zoom meetings. If unable to attend, to catch up on agenda items shortly thereafter.

  • Attend Zoom meetings or in person to determine which candidates fit our mission. 

  • Distribute ATPAC candidate materials during the primary and general election.  (Ex:  as a poll greeter/at gatherings/ at events/at shows/forwarding emails to friends and neighbors/displaying campaign signs if available, etc). 

A Conflict of Interest:  If at any time, a board member feels compelled to distribute information about candidates from another group, ATPAC respectfully requests that the Board member immediately informs ATPAC to determine the appropriateness of the information. If the information is determined to be in conflict with our Mission, we request the Board member refrains from the material distribution or step away from our organization.  Distributing candidate information or material that does not align with our Mission from another organization is detrimental to the organization and requires further action. (See Article II: ATPAC By Laws) Reminder:  Our PAC exists because the GOP has failed to hold elected officials accountable. The GOP is the problem.  We are the solution.   

*PAC: Political Action Committee

**FEC: Federal Election Commission


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