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We The People We're Back Tees and More

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

We The People Tees and More

ATPAC Fundraiser These are great Jerzee tees and hats: We The People … WE’RE BACK Colors are black, white, and red. In sizes small, medium, large and x-large. All Jerzee tees and hats: $10.00 donation for pick up. $15.00 to ship (1 shirt. Multiple will be more.) The sale of these shirts helps the Asheville Tea PAC raise funds to support candidates at all levels of government.

We need to keep elected officials aware to the fact that we are monitoring their legislative actions. You can pre-order over the phone at 828 692 3117

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Pick up merchandise at Tea Time Meetings (TBA. Sign Up for Newsletter) at Land of Sky Gun and Knife Shows in Fletcher, or call Jane at 209 986 3845 to arrange pick up. If you are out of the area and cannot pick up, we will ship. Additional shipping charges apply plus on-line handling. You can also send a check and your order to ATPAC c/o J. Bilello, 218 Vincent Place, Hendersonville, NC 28739. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Listed below are other Jerzee shirts available to purchase: Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. Ronald Reagan Don’t spread my wealth, Spread my work ethic A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. Thomas Jefferson When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; When the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

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