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Take Back America: Stand With Police Pledge

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Now, more than ever, your support is needed to Back the Blue. Heritage Action for America sent us a box of these beautiful yard signs. We have already given away dozens of signs this past weekend at the gun show and at the CPAC CCNC Event in Greensboro. To date, there have been over 200,00 who have signed the pledge. How can you spread the word?

  1. Display the yard sign on your lawn to show your support.

  2. Text POLICE to 51776 or go to the website: and SIGN THE PLEDGE.

  3. Then, call your local city council, commissioners, state representatives and your representatives in DC and urge them to take the pledge. (See below for links.)

Email for a sign. Leave your phone number and we'll call to make arrangements for a sign. With the Police Pledge, we can ask lawmakers to take a stand against the “defund the police movement.” Many have already signed on—we should thank them. Those who have not signed, should be urged to do so. Now is the time to use our voices and stand together and #StandWithPolice. Head to to see where your representatives stand. See which officials who have signed the pledge. Look up your NC representatives: NC House List. NC Senate List. Contact your local folks to0 - city council and commissioners. Not in NC? Look up your state to see who has already signed on here and say Thank You. Then, contact your local and state officials who have not. NC State Dan Forest for Governor: @DanForestNC Mark Robinson for Lt Governor: @markrobinsonNC Henderson County NC House 113: Jake Johnson (R) @JakeJohnsonNC NC House 117: Chuck McGrady (R) @ChuckMcGrady Senator Chuck Edwards, District 49: (R) @ChuckEdwardsNC. Buncombe County NC House 114: Susan Fisher (D) @SusanFisher114 NC House 115: John Ager (D) @johnager NC House 116: Brian Turner (D) @BrianTurnerNC You can also go to @AshevilleTeaPty and @Heritage_Action and retweet! Also, create your own Tweets and Tweet to us too! Also, don't forget to Thank your representatives for signing the pledge!


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