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Plan To Hold Them Accountable

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The Plan To Hold Them Accountable

The Plan How We Hold Them Accountable

  • We read the bills (Legiscan in NC legislature. Which are worthy of our effort based upon: Is it Constitutional? Promote civic health? Does it further election integrity/protecting 1A, 2A, property rights, etc.?

  • Lobby the Committee members the bill is in. (Action Alerts! Call, email to vote yes/no.)

  • #NoExcuses. #NoCompromises. Demand the committee members fight to get it passed (to the floor to be read and voted on.) Even if Gov won’t sign, Demonic Rats won’t sponsor, or courts will overturn.

  • Legislators fight in the public square. Educate the public. Grassroots back them up. (If they do not, we will primary them. (Ballotpedia for information about their finances, bills, etc.)


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