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NC11 Debate Commentary

Updated: Jan 15

Other than his lousy voting record (see below), arrogance is the primary reason to send Chuck Edwards back to Hendersonville. His condescending attitude and hubris are at the top of the list.

Notice in the debate that he continues to disrespect his opponent by standing (instead of sitting) and insulting Reagan by not calling him by his name, but by referring to him by his 'former' place of residence. Edwards also continues to insult all of us who were not born here in NC 11. Really! I guess that means that all of us who came here from another state who have been fighting (and some of us for well over a decade) to save NC, NC11 and our beloved nation, are somehow inferior and incapable of embracing the values and principles of this great nation and unworthy to serve NC11 because we don't possess Mountain Values by virtue of birth! How condesceneding and insulting! Christian apologized for calling Edwards an elitist. He is one!

This is not the first time Edwards has publicly tried to intimidate his opponent and to demonstrate his disdain for his constituents - you and I.

At a November candidate forum, Edwards insulted Reagan in front of his wife, shoved a micropone in Reagan's face, and on bended knee, proceeded to lecture him on his perspective of governing. Edwards did this three times. Only a gentleman with the greatest respect for the audience could tolerate such school yard bulling. When it was Reagan's turn to speak, Edwards and his staff walked out of the venue. (Did you vote for this?

Christian is one of us - patriots who wish to see significant change by adhering to the principles put forth in our US Constitution. He's not a politician with years of public speaking practice but he has the burnng desire to stand up and vote for those constitutioal principles and values we hold dear (and to reject Establishment status quo). Reagan has more than proven to have the temperament to represent We The People. His patience and respect have been seriously and publicly tested dealing with a smug Edwards. And you wonder why Edwards only agreed to one debate with Christian Reagan!

Our Founders gave us a gift of voting for our Congressman every two years so We The People could find those who humbly serve us - and not special interest groups. Hope you consider doing it again.

Edwards seems to think that voting with RINOs and Democrats is Ok because he serves on many committees. You be the judge.

Edwards Voting Record

Hard working taxpayers have have consistently called for dollar-for-dollar cuts and reforms along with any debt ceiling increases. This bill does not do that. This bill suspends the debt ceiling until 2025, enabling Biden and a divided Congress to generate an estimated $4 trillion in new federal debt.

See link for Rep Edwards NC11 who voted to raise the debt ceiling. 

70 House Republicans voted on Wednesday to reward Chris Wray’s FBI with a new $300 million headquarters larger than the Pentagon.

This comes after years of FBI SWAT Team raids on over 1,000 Trump supporters who attended the Jan. 6, 2021 protests at the US Capitol.

At least 80% of these FBI investigations, stalking, plotting, and arrests were for non-violent crimes like standing outside the US Capitol that day.

The FBI has also targeted Catholics, Christians, parents at school board meetings, journalists, and President Trump. (

  • On, December 14th, 2023, the 11th District Congressman, Chuck Edwards, "sold out the American people again by voting for a woke and weaponized National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). As has been his pattern with other key votes, Rep. Edwards joined with other weak willed and spinless Establishment Republicans and Democrats to pass this bill. NDAA provides for transgender surgeries, drag queen shows on military bases and ships, continues Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies and indoctrination, continues Biden's Green Energy push within the military, and continues race-based admissions at military academies. Edwards' vote also continues taxpayer abortion travel funding for service members who are stationed in states that restrict abortions.  Heritage Action, a subsidiary of the Heritage Foundation, called for a No Vote on NDAA and will record it as a Key Vote on their legislative scorecard. NDAAs passage will continue to degrade the military's war fighting capability and will exacerbate its recruiting shortfalls.  

Lastly, Edwards' vote to reauthorize FISA leaves the door wide open for continued weaponization by the Department of Justice to illegally spy on American citizens (300,000 times) and thereby violate their 4th Amendment rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. Chuck Edwards would have us believe that he is a MAGA conservative when in reality he has shown himself to be a loyal member of the Washington Uniparty Establishment Swamp."

Please send Edwards back to Hendersonville and elect Christian Reagan who cowers to no stinkin' swamp.

ATPAC List of Recommended Primary Candidadates is here. The list is not yet complete and may be subject to change. Check back often. Early voting begins February 15th 2024.


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