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New GOP Platform Turns RINO: Life beins at conception/Marriage between a man & a woman/Defending Israel - Missing!

Updated: Jul 11

Fifteen years ago, WE - the grassroots movement - saw this coming. The GOP did not hold their Republican candidates accoutable to the GOP party platform, so we started the grassroots movement to the ire of the Party. We had no problem with the GOP Party Platform, just the leadership and their strategies. The GOP Platform contained the principles that reflected our Christian-Judeo values, embraced our unalienable rights and adhered to Constitutional principles. The Party faithful and leadership didn't seem to care about any of those things because they continued to fail to hold their candidates accountable to their own platform and to demonized us for exposing it. As they say, 'the chickens have now come home to roost!'

There are planks in the platform that have now gone missing - gutted from the previous Platform.

The next time someone asks you why you are not a Republican, you need to ask them these three questions whose answers set the Party apart.

  1.  Do you support Israel? (It's missing in the new RINO Platform.)

  2. Do you believe that life begins at conception? (It too has gone missing in the new RINO Platform.)

  3. Do you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman? (What a concept! It's no longer defined in the new RINO Party Platform.)

Then, YOU need to ask them: Why are YOU still a Republican?

The next time anyone asks why the UNA's rank Number 1 for the largest segment of registered voters and growing, and the GOP ranks Number 3, look no further than the 'uniparty.' This is what happens when you compromise, cower, and grovel to become the Left leakys. The RINO takeover. The Grand Old Party has done an A+ job in their fulfillment of one of the 45 Goals of the Communist Party that was entered into the Congressional Record in January 10, 1963: Capture one of both of the political parties. Isn't that just great!

The hemorrhage from GOP ranks will now continue unabated since there is now really no reason to support the 'good ol' boys' club. Was this coming? Yep. Even NC legislature got on board by passing a state law that prohibits the political parties from closing the primaries in 2023 which would have driven Conservatives back to the GOP ranks.

Thank mostly their feckless leader - Michael Whatley.


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