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NC Lawmakers Expected to Roll Our Major Election Law Changes. Thanks to NCEIT & EIN

Updated: Jul 3

NC Lawmakers Expected to Roll Out Major Election Law Changes Thanks to NCEIT and EIN.

“From talking to leaders in the House and Senate, it appears they’re going to bundle all these meritorious changes … and put them in an omnibus bill,” (See bills here.)

“This is something my group has been pushing for.”

Womack’s group is the Election Integrity Network, whose state chapter he runs with Cleta Mitchell, a former lawyer for then-President Donald Trump. She and Womack have met with high-ranking Republican lawmakers in recent weeks, pushing their goals for changes to election laws ahead of the 2024 elections. They say their changes will add security to elections and give people more faith that future results aren’t rigged.

Read more here.

Just a reminder: Jim Womack is the CEO of the North Carolina Election Integrity Team - Cleta Mitchell, a former Trump attorney, is a nationally recognized election law attorney, author, scholar and advocate, who is the inspiration and founder of the Election Integrity Network (EIN) and Who's Counting. a coalition of conservative leaders, organizations, public officials and citizens dedicated to securing the legality of every American vote.

Together with Jim Womack, Asheville Tea Party, Voter Integrity Project, Liberty First Grassroots direct and organize NC counties for election integrity, training, action alerts, lobbying, and poll observer training, and more.

NCEIT will be tracking our proposed legislation in the NCGA. We will be issuing Action Alerts as the omnibus bill wends its way through the General Assembly. Sign up at Join Us at to make sure you don't miss an opportunity to have your voice heard.

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