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Let's Duplicate VA 2020 Success. Sign Up to Be an Observer in Your County

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Left turned Virginia blue in two election cycles. The Virginia Election Integrity Coalition Virginia Fair Elections – Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat. ( turned it around in one election cycle. 4,000 observers at the poles caught the cheating. We need to do the same. Let's make it Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat by Building a Permanent Infrastructure (The Citizens Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure (

Step one: Sign up to be an Observer here.

Step Two: Get access to special training. Attend NC Election Integrity hands-on training that will be offered across NC. Sign up here to stay informed. Home | North Carolina Election Integrity (

Questions: Contact Jane at 209 986 3845 or Jim Womack, Grassroots Director of the Conservative Coalition at 919 770 4783 We can also get you on a weekly call with the NC Election Integrtiy Team o stay informed of our statewide progress, events, and training opportunities.


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