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Primary 2022 Results

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

After close scrutiny, ATPAC Endorses and Recommends Candidates in Each Election.

The following candidates were our picks. Most of them won their seats.

We wish to congratulate all of them. We are now on to a new day and new battle to win the November election with great constitutionally conservative candidates.

Won: US SENATE_____________________ Ted Budd *

Won: US CONGRESS 11 ___________________Chuck Edwards *

Won: NC Senate 48 - Mark Crawford (Buncombe)

Won: NC HOUSE 113 _________Jake Johnson *

Won: NC HOUSE 117________Jennifer Balkom

NC SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE Seat 5 _____________April Wood *

(November General Election) NC SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE Seat 3

Richard Dietz *

Won: NC COURT OF APPEALS SEAT 9 _____________Donna Stroud

Won: NC COURT OF APPEALS Seat 11 _________________Michael Stading

Won: DISTRICT COURT JUDGE Seat 5 _____________Abe Hudson

Won: DISTRICT ATTORNEY _____ Andrew Murray

Won: COUNTY COMMISSIONER ___Michael Edney *

U.S HOUSE OF REPS DISTRICT 11 (Republican with 100% of precincts reporting)

  • Chuck Edwards: 29,411 - 33%

  • Madison Cawthorn: 28,092 - 32%

  • Matthew Burril: 8,314 - 9%

  • Bruce O'Connell: 6,031 - 7%

  • Rod Honeycutt: 5,752 - 7%

  • Michele Woodhouse: 4,663 - 5%

  • Wendy Nevarez: 4,491 - 5%

  • Kristie Sluder: 1,305 - 1%

Cawthorn's term will end Jan. 3, 2023.

The following candidates were endorsed and supported by ATPAC in Asheville and Buncombe County. Once again, Asheville and Buncombe reject good governance and choose to continue with their high crime, dysfunctional police force, and socialist policies that are destroying the place. We heartily thank each of these candidates,wish them the best, and hope that they continue the fight. They were, by far, the best choice to make positive changes.

Ben Jaramillo - Sheriff

Dr Cliff Feingold - Mayor

City Council

Doug Brown

Alex Cobb

Andy Ledford

See here for all statewide races: NC SBE Contest Results

(Click on the arrow for the drop-down menu of races by type and county.)

*Endorsed candidates. All others, highly recommended.

Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not by any candidate or candidates’ committee.


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