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Find Out Why Congressman Chuck Edwards Is So Afraid To Debate His Opponent, Christian Reagan (R)

Are NC 11 Constituents Really Represented in Congress? Are The Votes Cast By Our Representatives Consitent with Fiscally Sound Policy, Supportive of Israel, and our 1st Amendment Rights? Will you vote for someone who truly represents you and the conservative values Americans hold dear?

Absentee ballots arrive in the mail in January. Early Voting for the Primary begins February 14, 2024. That doesn't give us a lot of time.

You need to remember and to take stock of the the votes that were cast that dismantled fiscally sound policy, condoned hate speech that fomented violence aginst Israel, and rewarded the FBI raids with a $300 million dollar building bigger than the Pentagon - the FBI who targeted over 1,000 Trump supporters who attended the January 6th 2021 protest at the Capitol, tageted Christians, targeted Catholics, as well as parents at school board meetings, and journalists.

Congressman Chuck Edwards (NC11-R) voted on the wrong side of every issue vital to the USA's well being. He consistently voted with his RINO friends and Democrats. Don't know who's pulling his strings or why and we don't care. What we do know is that Our Founders gave us a gift of elections every two years to replace those who think they don't work for us. To make it worse, Edwards refuses to debate his opponent, Christian Reagan. What's he afraid of ... And, his blatant insulting behavior for his opponent is embarrassing to NC11.

These are the votes Edwards recently took with the RINOs and Democrats.

Our Founders gave us a great gift to vote evey two years for our elected officials to assure that they work for us and not the other way around. We deserve what we get if we don't do our homework. Our Founders knew that our Republic endures only when we have an informed, educated, and engaged electorate. Is that you? This is now a Time For Choosing,

Please pay attention. We have another great opportunity to in 2024 to assure that we have a government Of, By and For the People. Christian Reagan for Congress in 2024


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