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Congressman Chuck Edwards: Part of the Establishment in DC. Did you vote for this?

Christian Reagan, 11/22/2024

"Once again Congressman Chuck Edwards has proven himself to be a part of the establishment elite in Washington DC. Several weeks ago we both agreed to a political debate that was scheduled for January 13th in Clay County. The moderator was going to be Larry Ford, an attorney from Hayesville, NC. The date was set, the location was reserved and invitations were sent to both the public and to the local media. Unfortunately, Congressman Edwards has cancelled the debate and his committee has sent a forceful message that he would not participate within any debate going forward.

This is not the first time that I have witnessed this cowardly trait of his. We shared an event recently where the Congressman walked into the venue and immediately insulted me in front of my wife. He then proceeded to speak to the citizens attending. He literally walked up to me and bent down with his microphone in my face and lectured me about his perspective of governing. He did this three times. It took everything within me to hold my composure. When it was my turn to speak, he and his staff walked out of the venue right in front of me. He had no intention of hearing my response as to his childish behavior.

President Trump whom I support and admire is notorious for labeling his political opponents with nicknames. I will do the same with my opponent in this congressional race. “Chicken Chuck”

Christian Reagan

Congressional Candidate NC 11


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