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ATPAC Endorsed Candidates for Henderson County School Board

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Asheville Tea PAC wishes to thank all of the candidates who took part in our Forum on September 15th, or who participated in an on-line interview. They all did so well answering our many questions about the issues that place our students at risk and threaten the very fabric of our Republic. We need school board members who embrace the principles and values of our Constitution, are highly knowledgeable, and who are willing to challenge and rectify policies.

For the best chance of filling three open seats, ATPAC has determined that we not only need constitutional candidates, but we need to get the three most electable on the ballot.

ATPAC has determined that these three candidates best fit that criteria:

Jay Egolf, without question and who is a current member of the Henderson Board of Education, Sheila Dale, and Alyssa Norman.

We encourage the other candidates who attended our Forum to continue to put their hat in the ring in future school board elections especially at a time when so many of our values are being challenged. We look to strong individuals who will stand up to protect and defend the rights and safety of our students while preserving the principles and values that made our nation exceptional.

Asheville Tea PAC

Jane Bilello, Chair

Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not be any candidate or candidates' committee.

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