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ATPAC Endorsed Buncombe 2022 Candidates

Updated: Nov 21, 2022


Federal Candidates

US Senate: Ted Budd

US Congress 11: Chuck Edwards

State Candidates

NC Senate Dist 46: Warren Daniel

NC Senate Dist 48: John Anderson

NC House Rep Dist 114: Everette Pittillo

NC House Rep Dist 115: Pratik Bhakta

NC House Rep Dist 116: Mollie Rose

State Judicial Candidates

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice 3: Richard Dietz

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice 5:

Trey Allen

NC Court of Appeals Seat 8: Julie Flood

NC Court of Appeals Seat 9: Donna Stroud

NC Court of Appeals Seat 10: John Tyson

NC Court of Appeals Seat 11:

Michael Stading

Buncombe County Offices

Sheriff: Trey McDonald

County Commissioner 1: Anthony Penland

County Commissioner 2: Robert Pressley

Buncombe School Board. Vote all 3

Greg Parks

Kim Poteat

Sara Disher Ratliff

Black Mountain Town Council

Sonny Moore

Rick Earley

Buncombe County Bond- NO

Open Space - $30 million - NO

Housing - $40 million – NO

Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not by any candidate or candidates’ committee.

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